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Japan is a subsidiary of Sumiki Bussan Corporation that is listed on First Section of the Tokyo Securities Exchange, Japan. With its interests in imported meats, fishery and Agricultural products including processed products, the Corporation has established strong relationships with prominent overseas packers and production centers that provide integrated services from stock raising to processing. In this way the Corporation always maintained a top share of the market.
Most of the 21,146 Yakiniku shops in Japan use frozen meat in their restaurants. Frozen meat is not as nutritious as chilled fresh meat because the chemical structures are broken down in the freezing process, leading to a loss of amino cid and causing the meat to be dry and tough. As such frozen meat is less tasty and flavorful.

All this changed when Ito-Kacho opened its doors in 2009, right in the middle of glitzy Tokyo, Ito-Kacho defied the convention by using aged chilled meat delivered from its suppliers on a daily basis. Customers were amazed and hooked by the juicy and tender beef served at the restaurant. Over time, Ito-Kacho has established itself as the go-to place among consumers and industry insiders alike for the simple and yet elegant flavors of beef yakiniku.
Ito-Kacho Singapore is no different form its Japanese counterpart. As an affiliated company, these strong partnerships enable Ito-Kacho Singapore to bring in the freshest top quality products for its customers to enjoy. Only authentic Japanese Black Wagyu is air frown and delivered to the restaurant regularly. The recommended beef cut for yakiniku is the belly where the marbling consistency is the highest. When consumed, the meat gives a pleasant melt-in-the-mouth sensation.

For our friends who do not eat beef, there are other dishes in the menu which would definitely titillate your taste buds too.
At Ito-Kacho, we care a lot of about you so we strongly advised that all food must be consumed in our restaurant to ensure quality and hygiene is strictly abide to standards.

Please take your time to savor your food and soak up the cozy ambience. Enjoy the Ito-Kacho experience.